Peter Webb -  recent CT scans

December 5th 2011

Ultrasound at the Repat.

Doctors say lump on my head is a cyst.

Shock results ! Ultrasound says it’s not.

December 2011

Follow up CT scan on December 12 is a side view of my skull (see my eye socket on the left?).

It reveals a myeloma lesion that extends from within the skull outwards onto my scalp and also inwards a little but is not pushing on my brain.

I can hear you thinking “what brain?” which is very funny of course, and OK I agree my skull looks empty in this scan but if there is no brain there, then how am I typing this sentence ? Hmm ? :-)

Peter Webb & Ruth Williams’


October 6th 2015 - Above are CT scans of my brain from 24/09/15. Quoting from the radiologists report from 24/09/15:

Persistent lytic lesions with soft tissue components are demonstrated in the skull vault. The largest lesion measures 34mm in maximum AP diameter, more prominent than previous scans (24mm) (10/08/15).

The lesion in the right middle cranial fossa is stable.

From the radiologists report of a previous CT scan from 10/08/15,

There is also a large enhancing mass eroding the floor of the right middle cranial fossa, including portions of the right pterygoid plates and posterior lateral wall of the right nasal cavity, with maximal transverse dimension measuring 39mm.

... there is a large plasmacytoma eroding the floor of the right middle cranial fossa and right pterygoid plates, extending into the infratemporal fossa. It’s significance is that it may potentially cause mass effect upon the mandibular division of the right trigeminal nerve.

Coronal C+

Sagittal C+